Poo$ie - Words Don't Hurt feat. Pimping P & D. Marie (prod. OG Jarin)

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"Words Don't Hurt" is the latest visual offering from  "Still Ain't Easy", the project from Oakland MC (by way of Downtown New Orleans) Poo$ie. Poo$ie's mantra "Words don't hurt but they hurtin me" is to the point and much needed in an industry that evolves and develops it seems by the minute. Musician/Producer and frequent collaborator OG Jarin always finds a path to provide the Soulful soundscape that encourages introspection and soul searching. Check out "Words Don't Hurt" and the project "Still Ain't Easy" HERE
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Shot and Edited: @seanietsunami300
Still Ain't Easy Album is now available on all streaming platforms.

Drums & Ammo "Now You Know" Show with NOBL and D.Bledsoe "The Rich & Saucy-EP" Project

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Drums & Ammo "Now You Know" Show with NOBL and D.Bledsoe breaking down their latest release "The Rich & Saucy- EP". Hosted by Ammbaataa.


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Oakland MC Yared Kiflai shows range with his latest release/visual for "Ripple". Kiflai: "What a year It’s been a month got my digits up, feeling numb since I lost my pops yea the jig is up". "Ripple" Produced by Ryan Pham, taps into the relatable feeling much of society is having at this moment in time during pandemic: loss and chaos. Words directly from Kiflai: "Ripple is a time capsule documenting this crazy year I just had". The Pham produced soundscape lends the perfect backdrop for the somber but skillful delivered Kiflai wordplay. If art is how we decorate space and music is how we decorate time, Kiflai's attempt at documenting his crazy year is a Henry Ossawa Tanner painting: seemingly simple with a complex theme. "Ripple" could represent a new start for Kiflai, we look forward to seeing what's next. joyface Records. - Chad "The Pulse" Folse
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Director - Kokie Padilla (Hevasu)
Editor - Kokie Padilla
A Hevasu Production

The Drums & Ammo "Friendly Fire" #25 Song Recap of 2021

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DJ Ammbush does a recap of some favorites from the 2021 Drums & Ammo "Friendly Fire" radio show. Check "Friendly Fire" with Ammbaataa every Friday 9-10 www.ADP.fm @Alldayplayfm. Which ones were your favorites? Did they make the list? Tune in to find out!


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"I-880 Sideshow" (produced by Omar Ortiz) take's the viewer on a trip with MC's E-Molly and Westside Lem through the streets of the Town (Oakland Ca) where the figure 8's and burn rubber culture is abundant. The group World Went Crazy dropped the project "Highsiding" With 8 new songs, a few songs sourcing samples and paying tribute to throw back R&B cuts from the not so distant past. "I ain't slappin young shit I'm turning up to O'Jay's" spit by Westside Lem feels like the group's mission statement: new Hip Hop with a classic Soul foundation. World Went Crazy stays in our DNA "Friendly Fire" Show playlist (every Friday night 9-10 www.ADP.fm) and they should be in yours too.
Follow the crew Instagram: @worldwentcrzy @westsidelem @mollybecoolin @yepthatslane. New Project “HIGHSIDING” by @worldwentcrzy production by @dp_beats @27_ortiz93 @robloblahkop @brandinblanco artwork by @ezdeadsgn mixed & mastered by @jdreamkings

DNA "Friendly Fire" Oct. 29, 2021

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DNA “Friendly Fire” tonite w/ @ammbaataa 9-10pm www.ADP.fm @alldayplayfm🔊new music from @kvnalln / @freshdotdaily / @msjanehandcock / @sarocthemc / @evidence & @planetasiamedallions and more, tune in assume its boomin 🔊#DNA