This; That; and the Third with Ammbaataa: Barbaydose

Barbaydose Bay Area Bsidez Hip Hop Hiright Oakland The Hieroglyphics WeInTheCloud

In this first Video/in-person episode of This; That; & the Third Ammbaataa sits with the group Barbaydose (Bsidez, Hiright and WeInTheCloud) out of the Bay Area. Fresh off of their latest video offering "SEASONS" (HERE) the crew breaks down their upbringing, influences, and how coming up under the tutelage of The Hieroglyphics has shaped and informed them on how to move. Barbaydose describes what it was like adjusting to the Pandemic as artists and how they used the shutdown to their advantage. See what's next for Barbaydose and more. Filmed at the Fairfax Studio in East Oakland, CA.
Follow them: @Barbaydose
Executive produced, edited by T.Scott for Drums & Ammo

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