Genovese feat. Nimsins- Michel'le OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Genovese Hip Hop Nimsins NYC Oakland Toobrokeforilford

Drums & Ammo got put onto Genovese through DNA Fam Nimsins which means the algorithm is doing its thing properly. There's always going to be a soft spot at DNA for that gritty NYC rap which has traveled all around the world and made it's home in every home studio near and far. "Michel'le" reps that dusty looped up sample vibe that goes perfect with visuals putting you back in that Era of Hip Hop where the light at the end of the tunnel for MC'ing was shining bright with promise. The Drug lords and Hip Hop community shared the same spotlight and sometimes the two Worlds collided. Mega shout out to Director/Photographer Toobrokeforilford who brought us back into that Golden Era chamber. We're honored to put our stamp on Genovese's first project "Mike Tyson Plays the Flute’ Dropping May 5th. We talked to Genovese and got some background on his influences and much more. Anyone who sites Hector Lavoe as a major influence is good over here. Peep the convo though:
DNA: What's your title and where do you rep from?
G: Genovese [Jen-Oh-Vees] I’m Puerto Rican & Italian, from The Bronx, New York. I was immersed in Hip Hop since birth, my father was part of Hip Hop group back in the late 80s/Early 90s. My influences growing up were well versed, Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, Salsa, Motown etc.Everything from Hector Lavoe to Kool G Rap.
DNA: What's story behind the song/video Michel’le?
G:This joint, Michel’le is the third installment of a four track EP entitled ‘Mike Tyson Plays the Flute’ Dropping May 5th, it’ll be available on all streaming services. Bandcamp will see it first, April 29th. This is my first project, following it there will be a single every 2 weeks. I’ve got a few venues lined up for shows and I’ll be dropping more videos to accompany the singles as well.
DNA: Who produced the Song/Video?
G:The track is produced by a talented brother out in Virginia by the name of @Sypooda. Jalen (@Toobrokeforilford) shot the video, he’s a great photographer/videographer based out of Vallejo, he edited the video as well. My homie Wyatt down in LA mixed the track.
DNA: What's your Social media connects?
G:You can find me on Instagram @nyc.genovese or at your local corner store coppin’ a Fanta. My Bandcamp is where I’ll post all my music and you can support me directly.
Shout out Genovese and shout out the Young God Nimsins for representing Oakland Hip Hop to the fullest. Stay tuned in, assume it's boomin. #DNA

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