Professa Gabel "The Bay Lebowski" (Official Music Video)

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Professa Gabel "The Bay Lebowski"  (Official Music Video)

"Read the room, Bro". Vibe Master Professa Gabel touches back down on the DNA site with visuals for "The Bay Lebowski" (Directed by Oaday) produced by Adeyemi. Gabel and Co. aren't anywhere close to being new to DNA Land, his last visit was accompanied by production monster Brycon via the "Corner Booth" project (HERE). What more can I say? Check the method and stay tuned for more from our San Francisco DNA'ers. "Vibes"  - Professa Gabel Background: Introducing Professa Gabel, the renowned rapper and entertainment specialist who is set to take the hip-hop world by storm with his highly anticipated album, "The Bay...

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