The Jealous Guys - Raindrops (Official Video)

Drums & Ammo and The Jealous Guys have been connected since TJG's first visual for The Ballad (2010). As a matter of fact, The Jealous Guys are responsible for being a driving force to the inception of, being a major inspiration to the DNA of DNA. After speaking to Casa (TJG) after checking "Raindrops" he made sure to reiterate that his main concern is restoring that classic feel that's been missing. Personally I realized I hadn't watched a video back to back to this level since Donald Glover's "This is America". "Raindrops" pulls you into the Day in the Life of TJG: record store, rollin up, pulling up on Homies, studio, handing out food to the citizens in their respective communities. TJG are Old Souls embodied in MC's with a desire to put the spotlight on their folks and the disenfranchised. The Jealous Guys deal with Quality not Quantity, stay tuned when the jewels are released here on DNA.
@TheJealousGuys - Raindrops
Produced by - @deleongotwaves
Mastered by @audiokemestry
Edited by @dove.less

Ozer & 93Paqgod "Get Busy" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) DNA Premiere

San Francisco’s own ‘Ozer’, has been nurturing his lyrical gift since the age of six, when he first began using music as his sanctum from the challenges of life. On his new track, ‘Get Busy’, Ozer teams up with DC native, now Bay Area residing artist, 93 Paqgod for the mellow, yet powerful track, produced by Cheap Limousine. As stated within the chorus, “Been tucked off, nowadays I’m throwing peace signs n***a”, over distinct, ambient synths and soulful keys Ozer and Paqgod go back and forth to paint a vivid picture of someone attempting to get away from surrounding distractions in order to focus on getting to the next tier within life. Right now, this track can be found on Youtube and will be available on all streaming platforms in the near future. Follow at @OzerSF  @93Paqgod 
Produced by @CheapLimousine 
Shot by @carl_sfc

Baghead - 4 Tires Flat (ft.) The Jealous Guys, Professa Gabel, Ozer (Offical Video)

Producer/DJ Baghead enlists some San Francisco's finest for a casual tour through the City's landscape. The Jealous Guys, Professa Gabel, and Ozer assist in Baghead's "4 Tires Flat", a vibed out Soul sample cut consisting of content speaking on the current state of San Francisco's growing gentrification. Yinde of The Jealous Guys: "It's a Black & Brown City they tryna take it from me" which works in contrast to Professa Gabel's "never on a coat tail I'm in a silk robe" lyrics, showing the range of the MC's on the same song. Video directed by Baghead and edited by Oadayday Find this track on your favorite streaming service here: Presented by Audio Vandals, Art of Hip Hop, and Wastrel Society