"It's 1992, and the Real Untouchables is back ... I'm about to introduce you to my motherfuckin' posse." That's Master P on a rare Mama's Bad Boy-era 12-inch single. He's introducing the earliest version of his TRU gang, which includes Richmond rapper Chilee Powdah, P's brother C-Murder, and, scratching in the background, a young DJ Ammbush.

Not a bad intro. But Ammbush, born Torrance Scott, didn't consider himself a true producer until years later. Getting ahead of himself was never his style. Ammbush has built his career one piece at a time: from DJ, engineer, producer, and member of the longstanding East Bay DJ collective the Oakland Faders, to father of three and 20-year veteran of Bay Area music. But, jawing away at his Oakland studio one day this summer, you'd think he's just getting started.


Excerpt from Sf Weekly, for full write up click  HERE

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