The Drums & Ammo Show "Unda" featuring Champ Green & D.Bledsoe

Bay Area Champ Green D.Bledsoe Dj D sharp Hip Hop MacArthur Maze Oakland Richmond

The Drums & Ammo Show "Unda" featuring Champ Green, D.Bledsoe with DJ D Sharp at The Complex (San Francisco). Check out Champ Green's latest project "Adult Contemporary Playeristic Love Diaries" and D.Bledsoe's "Rich & Saucy" both produced by  @noblmusic4997  as well as MacArthur Maze "First Friday" out NOW. Ⓜ️Ⓜ️ #dna @imdbledsoe  @champgreen  @DJDsharp Filmed at The Complex Recording Studio, SF #DNA

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