Durazzo Beats HMZA RIDL

Drums & Ammo is proud to present visuals for the latest Drums & Ammo Recordings release "Gotta Go" by HMZA. X RIDL (produced by RIDL and Durazzo Beats). Shot and Edited by by Chris Headland/SPECTRA VISION PRODUCTIONS LLC @spectravisionpdx
Artist: HMZA
Homebase: Oakland Ca, Bay Area
Influences: Parliament, Pharoahe Monch, Jazz, Redman, Classic Rock
HMZA is on a 2 single run with Drums & Ammo, the first being Single/Sitcom episode "Lost Time", a collaboration with producer Jake One (HERE).
HMZA: Gotta Go is a metaphoric song about death, rebirth and growth. The lyrics tell a story of seasonal change starting from fall (representing the shedding of old habits and the somber feelings one gets when starting a new journey)  and ending in spring (representing the new growth and abundance one can attain after letting go of what doesn’t work). The song is personified in the music video by the duality represented between the singer and masked viewer. The singer and viewer are conceptually the same person with the singer taking the viewer on an internal journey bringin the viewer to eventually take off his mask. The mask represents everything the viewer was holding on to and the moment he takes it off he is revealed to his true authentic self...
Download/Stream/Share "Gotta Go" (HERE)

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