The first time DNA connected with Genovese was through his hard rock cut "Michel'le" featuring DNA Family Nimsins. Since then Genovese has consistently kept the heat up by dropping his project "Mike Tyson Plays the Flute" and multiple singles/videos. Genovese steps up again for his latest art piece "January 22ND". Genovese does a great job of reppin his current home (Oakland, CA), and at the same time keeping his official Bronx, NYC home base intact. Peep the newness and stay tuned to DNA for more from Genovese.  "January 22ND" is dedicated to Bay Area Young Legend Terrence "T-Mack" McCrary Jr. 
Artist Genovese 
Influences: Sade & Santana
Genovese: I'm just a kid from New York making moves in The Bay. Oakland is my second home and I got nothin but love for this community. 
DNA: Info on the song: is it a single or part of a bigger project? Is there a particular reason you chose to release it now? 
Genovese: This song is dedicated to the memory or Terrence McCrary Jr. (1993-2016)
DNA: Was there a reason to drop this song now?
Genovese: No particular reason it just felt like the right time to release. (Pause)
DNA: What's next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc 
Genovese: In the course of 3 months I've dropped an EP, 6 singles and 2 music videos including this one. I'm focused now on collaborating. I have a surprise coming as well but it's under wraps for now. 
DNA: Production credits for the song (music, video production)
Genovese: This joint is produced by Sypooda. 
Genovese: Same producer from my EP 'Mike Tyson Plays the Flute'
Visuals by @toobrokeforilford
Social media handles, website. 
@nyc.genovese (IG & Threads)
@bodegaballa (Twitter)
DNA: Anything else you want folks to know?
Genovese: The best way to support me is to share my music, and any work of mine purchased on goes directly towards my future projects. 
I've already received mad love and I'm appreciative of all feedback I'm getting!


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