frequencyexclusive "Midnight Sextet" (AUDIO)

  Artist/Producer/creator frequencyexclusive brings a unique and much needed flavor to the Bay Area musical landscape, "Midnight Sextet" continues the string of high end productions. "Midnight Sextet" brings "A Tribe Called Quest" vibes into a dance arena with a rolling Low end Theory type bass line.  Here's more on "Midnight Sextet" from frequencyexclusive. Stay tuned to DNA for more from frequencyexclusive #DNA
Artist: My names frequencyexclusive, and my new record is called “Midnight Sextet”, a chapter on my upcoming album entitled “Pretty Pussy & Sunsets”.
Influences: Jazz by default, the record was influenced by John Coltrane. 
Tell us about the song "Midnight Sextet":The projects initial date was pushed back because the magic got crazy with the sounds… I had to hold off to supersede excellence. “Midnight Sextet”… is just that, a solid precursor for what’s to come. 
What's next?: Upcoming you’ll be seeing many things in 4D… shout out Gadget. There’s a Sunset Live Series we’ve put together showcasing the albums finesse with new talents Waymond Dionte, Shogun, and 3Lise. A visual to Midnight Sextet… the “PPS” Project and more art pieces. 4.
Production: I produced the record with the band members; Shogun, handling the Bass & Guitar, Waymond Dionte on Keyboards and Elandis Brooks on Trumpet 5. @frequencyexclusive

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