Ajai kasim "WE CAN BE ★ KEEP STEPPIN" Produced by ClayDough

Claydough makes his first self produced project with Ajai Kasim, the duo connect for the double video "WE CAN BE and Keep Steppin". Flexing 2 different skillsets with the half R&B/half Hip Hop visual, "WE CAN BE and KEEP STEPPIN" both feel organic and not forced. At the time of creating this post I haven't checked the whole project, I'm interested in seeing which direction they go after this execution of such a wide range. We've enjoyed seeing Claydough progress as a producer and look forward to seeing these two artists next moves. Stay tuned to DNA for more from Ajai Kasim and Claydough. Here's more info from the Artists.

This song is track #1 on Ajai Kasim & ClayDough’s recent album entitled “PROLLYSHOULDN’TSTAY”. This album has been in the works for 2 years, and after getting all the pieces together we just wanted to push it out there spontaneously. This music video was to announce the project"
Artist name: ClayDough & Ajai Kasim aka the NepGoons

 Claydough's background: ClayDough is a rising producer from Oakland, CA. Growing up touring internationally in a professional musical family, ClayDough absorbed sounds and rhythms from around the world, and found his calling at the age of twelve when introduced to producing software. Graduating from Oakland School for the Arts in Audio Production and Engineering, he has been collaborating, songwriting, making beats and producing vocals in a growing community of young artists. Recently landing a placement with Oakland’s Mistah FAB, ClayDough has cooked up in sessions and live performances with Stunnaman02, Seiji Oda, Jwalt, Tope, Tia Nomore, Ajai Kasim, 3LISE and other artists. He is especially adept at deep listening, soulful chord progressions, and building emotion and groove, with a wide variety of feels, yet an identifiable sound all his own.

Ajai Kasim’s background: Ajai Kasim is a West Oakland native raised amongst artisans and creators. Drawing influence from the village that raised him he approaches the music open minded, intentionally, vulnerably and unapologetically. Ajai represents a new age of Oakland sound. The music he creates is eclectic, fun, emotional, and powerful. Just like the village he comes from.

ClayDough Influences include: The Neptunes, Stevie Wonder, Cardo got wings, Mac Dre, Quincy jones, Erykah Badu, Larry June, Kehlani, Buika, Various world musicians

What’s next? (Claydough) Me and Ajai are already working on our 2nd album. ProllyShouldntStay was an album made coast to coast, he’s living in NYC and I’m in Oakland. So for this next one I’m about to fly to New York where he lives for a month to knock out some more music, and to do some busking and groundwork on pushing the album on both coasts however we can! 

Other than that, I just released a few songs producing for Seiji Oda. I also have some music with 3LISE in the works. Honestly it’s a lotta people reaching out to work right now but I kinda want to just push this music out and then hone in on my craft alone for a bit. We’ll see what actually happens tho.


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