BigDaddyChop x Kon! “Diego Rivera” is Indigenous Hip Hop Art

Chop is back with “Diego Rivera” produced by Kon! — a nod to his roots as a Mexican-American artist, musician, rapper and beatmaker.

Hailing from California with ancestral roots in Mexico, BigDaddyChop is a young legend in multiple forms of Hip Hop expression. Known well for his work as a beatmaker, producer and musician (refer to his classic instrumental Hip Hop album “CHOPZILLA” on bandcamp for some of his work) Chop is also an accomplished rapper & MC with an inimitable style and unique vocal tone which he uses to full advantage on his latest single entitled “DIEGO RIVERA”. A nod to another avant-garde artist of Mexican heritage — in marketing and promoting Diego Rivera the song, BigDaddyChop has showcased some of Rivera’s most important paintings & artwork highlighting the Indigenous peoples of Mexico and sharing this quote with his fans who may not be as familiar with Rivera’s works and cultural relevance.


“The more native art is the more the more it belongs to the entire world because the taste is rooted in nature. This is the secret of primitive art . The secret of my best work is because it is Mexican.” — Diego Rivera.

With Kon! aka KonArtist on the beat as well as the cover art, Diego Rivera encapsulates the unique viewpoint BigDaddyChop brings to music. Inherently Mexican yet very representative of California and the Bay Area scene at large. Chop is part of a larger collective of talented artisans, musicians, rappers, producers and visual artists and is well-known for not only his production work for artists like Bubrock, Hus Kingpin, and many others who’ve appeared on his beats but for being an ambassador, politician and educator within his crew and on the Beat scene.

From his Tik Tok videos, YouTube beat tutorials, and live production on his Instagram to always being willing to help a new up-and-coming beatmaker learn about one of his weapons of choice, the SP-404, or even how to use Koala on the cellphone to create a new beat, BDC shares the wealth of his own production knowledge in a way very few producers are doing in these days and times.

Where many hide a production “secret” or keep relevant information to themselves, Chop is a lover of production, beatmaking, digging, sampling and MUSIC first and foremost — unselfish with his creations as well as the chops he’s honed over his years of beatsmithing, crate-digging and creating audio productions.

Rapwise BigDaddyChop has a refined lyrical palate, with heartfelt lyrics that relate to his own experiences where many would rely on snappy punchlines, repetition or braggadocio; he’s just chopping game about his own life and telling the listener the way he sees it. Diego Rivera is a prime example of his skills as an MC, where Kon! took a disco-era classic this writer has often considered sampling herself to create a vibrant soundscape that fully showcases what Chop can do with a dope beat, a mic and another chance to get loose lyrically.

Chop’s social media pages are chock-full of how-to videos, tutorials, as well as dope musical content of both rap and instrumental tracks. Follow him on all platforms to learn more, and give “Diego Rivera” a listen on Bandcamp — this is brand-new music released 12 July 2023 — as well as taking some time to enjoy his fine instrumental project from 2021 entitled CHOPZILLA, a full-length instro LP which features Flashius Clayton on one of the tracks.

Lovers of Hip Hop music and art should look forward to a bright future from BigDaddyChop & stay tuned to his pages for more music and tutorials — he’s always adding new content for the people.

~ Walasia “MJ” Shabazz -  Drums & Ammo Editor in Chief (former editor, The Source Magazine, former founding editor, Complex Magazine) 











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