Fashawn, T.A. The Handful, Flii Stylz, Mitchy Slick, Sir Veterano - Yard Work (Official Music Video)

Fashawn Flii Stylz Mitchy Slick Sir Veterano T.A. The Handfull The Fresh Yard


The reason the Drums & Ammo platform exist is to amplify those whose art/ lifestyle /ideas inspire Us. For over a decade I've personally been connected to the Bay Area raised San Diego born The Fresh Yard and the individuals who are the key components to The Fresh Yard Label/Brand. Home to some of the best artists the West Coast has to offer: producer Sir Veterano alongside MC's Fashawn, Flii Stylz, Mitchy Slick and T.A. The Handful. We had in depth interviews with Sir Veterano and Flii Stylz on the DNA podcast "This; That; and the Third"  (listen here Sir Veterano Flii Stylz). Shout out to The Fresh Yard for keeping the torch lit and constantly contributing to the Culture. Here's a few words from Sir Veterano, producer of the latest release from The Fresh Yard, "Yard Work".

“Rooted In California, FY (The Fresh Yard) is influenced by many things but Hip-Hop & street culture are the driving force behind the brand.” 

Music is also in our DNA. Check out our record label, Fresh Yard Records.

Thank you for your support and believing in the brand. Stay Fresh!

Sir Veterano: My musical influences range from Dj Premier, Pete Rock and Madlib to more experimental influences like Dan The Automator, Aphex Twin, Radiohead. 2. Info on the song: is it a single or part of a bigger project?

Is there a particular reason you chose to release it now?

Sir Veterano:"Yard Work" was intended to be a one-off single with the Fresh Yard roster. The purpose of it was to make it clear that these are the artists we've signed, and for people to look forward to their albums coming out.

What's next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc

Sir Veterano: There's a lot to look forward to with Fresh Yard Records. We've been building albums behind the scenes and we'll start releasing our projects as early as this year. We put a lot into our releases and we're excited to show people what we created.

Production credits for the song (music, video production)

"Yard Work "Produced by Sir Veterano, cuts by Sir Veterano.

Video directed by Otis Reed.

Social media handles, website: Label - @freshyardrecords

 @mitchyslickwrongkind @fashawn @audioflii

@originalgrizzly  @sirveterano 

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