Barbaydose "Roll The Fuel" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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We're setting off this 420 weekend in proper fashion with "Roll The Fuel", the latest offering from DNA Family Barbaydose! Barbaydose has been tucked away in the Legendary Slap Wagon Studio (Oakland, CA) putting the finishing touches on their upcoming project (to be announced soon.) Let's get some more info directly from the Barbaydose Crew, Happy 420!


1. Name background Influences. Barbaydose crew repping the Bay Area and beyond. We are a rap trio featuring Bsidez, WeIntheCloud and Hiright. The weight of the production for the group is handled by Hiright with Cloud and Bsidez holding down the bar work. We each have a plethora of influences, most say we remind them of a variant of OutKast, Red & Meth and at times Hiero or Dilated Peoples but with our own flavor.


2. Info on the song: is it a single or part of a bigger project? Is there a particular reason you chose to release it now? Roll Da Fuel is our latest smoker’s anthem. It's coinciding with a 4/20 release only fit for the song. The visual captures some of the essence of the crew. We got something bigger in the works for this year that will be announced real soon.


3. What’s next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc: We got some collaborative events we are working on with some dope individuals as well as some musical collaborations with other hip-hop collectives in the Bay Area. Those pieces will drop later this year. You can expect some Barbaydose live performances and curated events all through summer and fall. The body of work up next is gonna be a big movement we intend for people to gravitate to quite easily.


4. Production credits for the song (music, video production) For this one Hiright produced, mixed and shot the video with Bsidez providing creative direction, editing and bars. WeIntheCloud added his top flight bars as well as his insight during the creative processes.


5. Social media handles, website. You can find us on IG @barbaydose @weinthcloud @bsidez510 @hiright_music

For all things Barbaydose:  (  We are extremely excited to share our new art & receiving an array of feedback from our listeners & supporters.

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