MacArthur Maze “Tell Me Whats Poppin” (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Blvck Achilles Champ Green D.Bledsoe Dj D sharp Ian Kelly MacArthur Maze NOBL Roux Shankle

 1. Name: MacArthur Maze

background: Rap group / crew of rappers/producers/photographers: videographers / DJs & engineers Influences. Everything dope

2. Info on the song: is it a single or part of a bigger project? Is there a particular reason you chose to release it now? “Tell Me Whats Poppin” from the Blvck Saturday: Kimball’s Carnival EP … song produced by DJ D Sharp

3. What’s next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc 2/25 Live at Brick & Mortar

4. Production credits for the song (music, video production) DJ D Sharp Video shot/dir. 

5. Social media handles, website. @macarthurmaze @imdbledsoe @firstnameian @champgreen @rouxshankle @blvckachilles 

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