DO D.A.T. "Stay Golden" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Do D.A.T.

 DO D.A.T. is a pillar in the community pushing Hip Hop through education as well as traditionally tearing down performances on the mic. He's got solo albums and albums with his former "The Attik" crew. As far as seeing MC's live and direct, you won't find too many sharper than DO D.A.T. We've been DO D.A.T. supporters for years so linking up for his latest release is an honor, catch the album "The Skinny 3: Skeleton K3y" on the way way. Let's hear some more direct from Dat.
1. Artist name/Influences:
 DO D.A.T. AKA DATAMEN AKA Silky Socks Simmons AKA Randy Wattsun ETC Hailing from Oakland California, Emcee, educator and budding producer. Formerly of The Attik Crew and always repping Golden Age Society. Influences include. Pharcyde Bizzare Ride, Snoop Dogg Doggy Style, Wu 36 chambers, Tribe Midnight Maunders (That’s where I got my Name) 2pac Stricly For my Nigs, X Clan To the east, The auto Biography of Malcolm X, The Prophet by the Khalil Gibran, Black Boy By Richard Wright.   
2. Info on the song: is it a single or part of a bigger project? Is there a particular reason you chose to release it now?
DD: Stay Golden is the 1st official single of My upcoming album The Skinny 3: Skeleton K3y drop in in August of ’24. The video is shot and directed by Xienhow. The song is affirmative in nature. It’s about intentionally claiming the things you want in life and recognizing all the things you have accomplished thus far. I wrote it at a time when I was really needing some self encouragement so this song be came a bit of a mantra. And I hope it does the same for anyone who listens to it. Also I haven’t released a true solo project since 2012 (Skinny 2: Bare Bones). So I’m really excited about this single! Also I’m releasing video one my birthday!   
3. What’s next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc
DD: I’m planning a album release party in August. Really excited about this as  it will be my 1st time in a while producing and promoting an event. I have 3 more singles in the wings and I’m looking at a couple of dates for the fall out side of the Bay Area. I’m still locking in Details but please stay tuned
4. Production credits for the song (music, video production)
DD: As I stated I produced this track it was one of the 1st beats that I made that I actually liked enough to rap over, however some of my favorite elements are the live instrumentation added by the homie Nino Moschella. He put a proper bass line and chorus melody on the track. It took it to the level I was looking for so big shout to the folks.. I also got a great mix from DJ Phatrick. So if any of you artist out there are looking for a great mix engineer Hit Up DJ Phatrick  and for live instruments or a dope studio hit up Nino Moschella At Bird ’n Egg studio. Love those guys.
5. Social media handles, website.
DD: Follow me on IG at @Dodatamen Stream Stay golden on All Platforms If you are unfamiliar with my music and want to hear to catch up you can: The Attik “Jungle Electric” All streaming platforms Do D.A.T: “The Skinny Ep” “Oakland In Blue” on all streaming platforms Golden Age Society (Do D.A.T. and Malicious Lee) on all platforms   And you can find some of other joints at

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