DNA Album Spotlight: Gizzle McFly "Bosses Always Get Paid Last"

DNA Album Spotlight by Shann Bajwa   

Gizzle McFly - Bosses Always Get Paid Last

Gizzle McFly’s latest release, Bosses Always Get Paid Last, boasts 10, smooth self produced tracks from the Richmond California native. Throughout the project, Gizzle takes us through the progression from a worker to a boss, with a bigger focus on the day to day of a boss. There's always work to be done and things to be taken care of, even on your days off. As a boss, you want to make sure that everyone working for and with you are being taken care of, and that's why Bosses Get Paid Last.

                                                                                Photo: @Noblphotos

You could take things a step further and consider bosses in this aspect to be more of a respect thing rather than an exact position. It's someone who knows what to do and how to do it; they're responsible and take initiative when the time comes. This doesn't have to strictly be about a job or work either, it could very well be in life too. Bosses will put the lives and needs of the people around them first, and when everyone else is good, then they can get paid. The album redefines the role of a boss as someone who not only prioritizes the well-being of their team, but everyone else around them, similar to how a head of a household would ensure everyone is cared for.   

-Shaan Bajwa @Bajwashoots

Production Credits: Gizzle McFly                                                               

Listen to "Bosses Always Get Paid Last" HERE

Album highlights include: 2 Whole Days, The Player Way feat. TroyLLF, Charge It (In Me, Not On Me), and Myself.

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