Black daddy slim "No Hennessy" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


" I'd see him float around the town in the Old school"  - Ammbaataa

Black daddy slim and I (Ammbaataa) actually worked at the same establishment for years not knowing much about the other except for the things we were being hired to do at said establishment. Logistically, we were different areas of the location so it wasn't crazy that we hadn't really connected.  I'd see him float around the town in the Old school, I had a feeling he was an artist or a creative chiseling on some projects somewhere tucked away. We officially met at a Drums & Ammo X Barbaydose "Paradigm Shift" show at the DNA merch table where Black daddy slim copped a Yellow Drums & Ammo trucker. We switched contacts and I was slowly introduced to Black daddy slim world of Art/Music/Photography/Clothing (@akerele.brand) and I'm sure there's something I'm missing. His World his gritty and raw but sophisticated at the same time showing a side of Oakland that fuses Soul with the Punk DIY approach. We got some things cooking so follow Black daddy slim and stay up to date with the movements. Here's some words directly from Black daddy slim on his latest "No Hennessy". #DNA

1. Artist name/Influences: Funsho Akerele-Ale A.K.A Black Daddy Slim

influences: 1. Nas 2. MF DOOM 3. Black Thought 4. Curren$y 5. Kanye West 6. Conway the Machine 7. Kirk Cobain 8. John Coltrain 9. Bjork 10. Maison Margiela 11. Wales Bonner

 2. No Hennessy is a music video single from the album called : Contention . I released so far out from behind the release of the album . Because it took me a long time to gather real life photos and real time visuals . The skit after the music video was created 4 years ago.

3. Next I'm releasing a couple of boom bap hip hop records . With in the next few weeks . And am currently working on shooting a documentary on bar tenders . As well as shooting a black and white photo series on the exploration of the American dream . As well as recording my first house music /break beat concept record. And hopefully launching my first street wear clothing brand within a couple months .

4. Beat as to most of my beats where created by Jason Kick A.K.A Major 13 A.k.A Blap Man. The video was recorded entirely by me Funsho Akerele-Ale/Black Daddy Slim on my Samsung smart phone . Shows and merch coming soon.

5. @black daddy slim @akerele.brand Stay tuned

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