Genovese Zander.

"Scorsese over Break Beats" - written by Ammbaataa

Genovese is an MC who sets himself outside of the pack by world building using lyrics to paint detailed scenes and textured environments. You really can't go wrong with lines like "Bumpin' Sade in a White Beamer",  classic material that only gets better with time. Our intro to Genovese was the song Michel'le featuring another Oakland representer Nimsins. Ammbaataa from Drums & Ammo locked in with Genovese at the studio for some upcoming releases, stay tuned for that. Here's more background from Genovese. #DNA

1. Artist name/Influences:. Genovese [Jen-Oh-Vees]


2. Info on the song: It’s the title track of my EP, “Bewitched”, I released the project around my birthday in early May. The video was shot as a 1 of 2 prior to the projects release.

3. What’s next? Shows, more music/projects, other productions etc etc. The second visual being released (very soon) is for King Phade, the second track of the project. I’ve got a show with Alai, Naughtie Nate & OKRA on June 8th (details on my IG) In August Versâam & I have something special tucked away. Tune in for updates!

4. Production credits for the song (music, video production)

The project in its entirety is produced by Zander. A producer based out of Los Angeles whom I was recommended by a peer in NY. His ability to capture soul and grit in various cadences allowed me to really push the bar lyrically.

5. Social media handles, website. You can find me on IG: @nyc.genovese where I post all of my work and upcoming events. Feel free to hit me up, if time grants it I’m happy to answer whatever questions y’all may have. As an independent artist I always appreciate monetary support, I put a lot into my music out of pocket. The best way to support me is through

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