Hip Hop Oakland Ripple Yared Yared Kiflai

Oakland MC Yared Kiflai shows range with his latest release/visual for "Ripple". Kiflai: "What a year It’s been a month got my digits up, feeling numb since I lost my pops yea the jig is up". "Ripple" Produced by Ryan Pham, taps into the relatable feeling much of society is having at this moment in time during pandemic: loss and chaos. Words directly from Kiflai: "Ripple is a time capsule documenting this crazy year I just had". The Pham produced soundscape lends the perfect backdrop for the somber but skillful delivered Kiflai wordplay. If art is how we decorate space and music is how we decorate time, Kiflai's attempt at documenting his crazy year is a Henry Ossawa Tanner painting: seemingly simple with a complex theme. "Ripple" could represent a new start for Kiflai, we look forward to seeing what's next. joyface Records. - Chad "The Pulse" Folse
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Director - Kokie Padilla (Hevasu)
Editor - Kokie Padilla
A Hevasu Production

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