Isaiah Mostafa "Freemotions (Official Video) Dir. By iladiyyas

 Isaiah "with the Hair" Mostafa releases visuals for "Freemotions", his #20 release from his last project, the "37 Week Challenge". During his Drums & Ammo "This; That; & the 3rd" Interview, Isaiah breaks down the reason he chose 37 "...the number 37 is like, my angel number follows me everywhere, like, it's my life path. No, it's just been a number that has stuck with me for hella years". His 37 Week Challenge represents a new awakening/new energy to push himself and his talent center stage. Words from Mostafa: The project itself is a call to action for all who have been playing small, to share their gifts with their community and to challenge themselves to prioritize their dreams. Check out the premiere of the Drums & Ammo podcast "This; That; & the 3rd" Interviews with Ammbaataa this Saturday. The podcast first interview is with Mostafa as he walks the listener through his upbringing, musical influences and plans for the future tune in. Follow them 

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