Roux Shankle - "Drums & Ammo" ft. Blvck Achilles (prod. by B-Sidez) (AUDIO ONLY)

 Besides the fact that this new Roux Shankle track is titled after home base  (salute Roux for the shout out), what's even iller is the fusion of the Drums & Ammo Fam that came together to make the track a reality. The song "Drums & Ammo" features frequent DNA collaborators Blvck Achilles on mic duty and Barbaydose MC/Producer B-Sidez on the production. Since Roux Shankle hit the Drums & Ammo radar he's stayed in our mix through the Drums & Ammo "DNA Friendly Fire" radio show by way of his project "Roux" (produced entirely by DJ Basta, check it out HERE), his appearances on the MacArthur Maze project (coming soon) and his live performances. Roux has a Soulful gritty style reminiscent of an Organized Noize artist, imagine Goodie Mob having a 5th member from Oakland, CA. Check out the "Roux" project too, raw sh*t. Stay tuned to DNA dot com for more from Roux Shankle. Get familiar
Artist: Roux Shankle reppin MacArthur Maze.
Influences: Mos Def (Yasiin Bey), & Led Zeplin
Tell us about the song "Drums & Ammo"
Roux: This song is from a collection of sessions with B -Sidez. this is a pre-cursor to our fore-coming project. This song also features fellow MacArthur Maze member Blvck Achilles.
What's next?:
Roux: Next up is a collaboration tape with B-Sidez , MacArthur Maze's debut project, and so much more! this song was produced by B-Sidez.
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