Ozer & EaSWay - Dice Rollin (Official Music Video)

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Frequent DNA collaborator Ozer touch's back down on the Drums & Ammo digital soil, not by himself but with fellow FNG (Family Not a Group) homie EaSWay for this pre Summer warm up cut "Dice Rollin". Ozer has established himself to be an MC that maintains to give you jewels mixed in with cool out energy with lines like "Always said Imma be somthin, my fam ain't even believe me, I had to tell my blood imma see somethin". I'm sure a huge segment of inspiring artists as well as artists who've "made it" can relate to those lines. EaSWay is new to the DNA Universe but I'm sure he'll be on soil in the future. "Trouble outside is too ill, trouble at home is too real", EaSWay uses his art to break down these complex realties into one simple line: the power of Hip Hop. Here's some words from Behind the Scenes of "Dice Rollin".
“Dice Rollin” by Ozer & EaSWay (Prod. By 2ez Productions)
Ozer: Eas and I were in the studio with 2ez cookin’ up from scratch and the original vibe was totally different. We had been making a lot of music catered to the female audience, but we wanted something that the hood could appreciate and that actually spoke on some of the issues going on within our community. Balance was the most importance element of this track. We had to ensure that we had a message, but also a bounce to it to make people wanna move.
Influences: Nipsey Hussle, J. Cole, Kendrick, Larry June, Rexx Life Raj, DMX, Jay-Z
Ozer: It’s the lead single from our project “Slaponia”. We released it in February, because we didn’t wanna sit on it too long, but the timing of everything was crazy. We dropped it during BHM without realizing how much it represented black culture — the black and white american flag, John Lewis references in the “Broad”, Black Americans’ History with the KKK — crazy to think about. We working on the video from “Lobster”. A lot of folks have been pitching ideas for it which is a first time thing ha. Besides that, we got a big show coming up in Texas, the “MOCO festival”. First time performing in Texas, so we looking forward to it.
Credits: ⁃ artists: Ozer & EaSWay ( @ozersf & @EaSWay
Producers: 2ez (@2ez_productions
Video: WavyKevy ( @Wavykevy)
Slide to our collective’s event on 4/15 at El Rio. EaSWay Finna be hosting it. Grand-O, Alienmack Kitty, Ash, & Stunnaman02 Finna be performing live as well. It’s Finna be a vibe.

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