Nimsins - East Africa (Prod. VERSÂAM)



Even though this is the first official DNA Video Premier with Nimsins, Nims has been part of the DNA of DNA for years. Nimsins was put on our radar in 2017 at a Lo-Fiction (Nimsins early Hip Hop crew) art show/performance in Downtown Oakland. This was one of the first times I'd came in contact with an Oakland based crew that gave me that Hieroglyphics/Indi energy that'd been lacking. Nimsons comes from East Oakland where the root of all of his art stems and reflects from.

As a two-year-old in 1997, he was shot by a stray bullet that would leave him with only one fully functional kidney. Nimsins has dedicated his life towards arts and uplifting his community as an after school educator with non-profits in his neighborhood. Learn more about Nimsins and the song/video "East Africa".

Artist: Nimsins, East Oakland California born and raised. As a teenager i was heavy on 90s East Coast Hip Hop. Got older and got into 90s Bay Area music. Also first ever album was Hot Boys. Pops was an MC. Just a student of the game.
Tell us about "East Africa": A joint off the album ( IT'S THE GRASS THAT SUFFERS), we shot the video about a year ago in NYC. We figured out the direction of the video and then let it fly as soon as we got the final edit.
What's next on the Menu?: More visuals, lots of collaborative projects, and an album. We always working on our selves though and learning thats every day..
Who produced "East Africa"?: VERSÂAM produced it, and the brother ElanSherman shot and directed it.
Follow them: Instagram: @nimsins @eliversaam @elansherman
Any words for the DNA Tribe?: Stay creative, take some time off the socials, always learn shit and listen that reflects in the art. Never forget “STUPID IS CATCHY”

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