Isaiah Mostafa "Bodies" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Isaiah Mostafa ISAIAH with the Hair

It's been awhile since we've connected with Isaiah Mostafa to launch some new visuals (check out "Freemotions" HERE), but we've been connected IRL (in real life) supporting each others causes and missions. Mostafa is fresh off of releasing his latest body of work "North Star" and the visual aspect has been clean and consistent. Mostafa sits in the vocalist chair for the majority of "North Star" but his MC skills are apparent throughout portions of the project. Mostafa keeps his hand on production for this latest offering which lends to the theory that the Artist/Producer combo can possibly lead to more of a cohesive output (just a theory). Get some more insight from Drums & Ammo Fammo Isaiah Mostafa

Artist: Isaiah Mostafa
Egyptian-American Music Producer, Singer & MC
Biggest Infuences: My sisters, my Mom & Pops, 2pac, Funkadelic, The Last Poets, Nipsey Hussle, Michael Jackson, Zapp & Roger and The Neptunes. 
DNA: Tell us about "Bodies:
Mostafa: "Bodies is about healthy detachment in love. Being so secure in relationship that one is willing to let go of all possessiveness toward their partner. Knowing that true love is freedom and mutual trust. Bodies appears on Isaiah’s latest EP, North Star. 
DNA: What's next?
Mostafa: I just moved to Brooklyn, so for me what’s next is developing the band! I’m mentally ready to tour but need to have a super solid team in order to take this around the world. So I’m in connecting, performing and scope out mode for now. Calling in the resources, spaces and people to take this love to the next level.
"Bodies" Produced by Isaiah Mostafa
Mixed + Mastered by Josh Neumann
Filmed by Liam Rosay
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