BigDaddyChop x Garçon D’or: El Mismo Sol

BigDaddyChop Garçon D’or

Production wizard BigDaddyChop teams up with Garçon D’or to debut their collab album El Mismo Sol.


Art by @Jalbono on twitter

 While BigDaddyChop is especially known for his insane beat making with featured production on other frequent collaborators such as Hus KingPin and Bubrock, this album highlights his lyrical abilities. To learn more about the California resident's history I’d suggest Walasia “MJ” Shabazz’s piece on his last single ‘ BigDaddyChop x Kon! “Diego Rivera” is Indigenous Hip Hop Art’.

Right off the bat in an opening track like ‘Maradona’ a few things come to me. The flow’s insane and the production is crazy. Not only is the flow like nothing he’s also just not relying on the wow factor or using insane one liners he’s got something to say. BDC needs to get something off his chest and he’s gonna get there by any means necessary and impresses by sheer wordplay and substance in his lyrics. The production is thanks to Garçon D’or, next level beats and if you feel like treating yourself self take a listen to his Çomp. 1. A beautiful collection of songs available on his Bandcamp right now.

Another trait of this album is Chop’s clear appreciation of anyone taking the time out of their day to listen. There are several moments on the album where he just seems grateful if even a single person is enjoying his work. This just goes to show he really loves this and that’s always a mark of a great artist. On cuts like ‘Generational Curses’ BDC we get really heartfelt moments where he advocates for listeners to watch their mental health by stifling their social media use. Then continues on the following track ‘Mexican Invasion’ where he spends the first half of the song in English “If there's too many white people around me, then Imma switch the language, breaking generational curses, a thousand years of anguish” and goes on to continue the song in Spanish.

With a unique flow and distinct vocal tone mixed with crazy bars, you can’t help but root for BigDaddyChop. El Mismo Sol is such a well put together project, Garçon D’or set the perfect stage for him to shine. The soulfully textured chopped-up beats made for an extremely nostalgic listening. As always we’re excited to see what they do next and wish Chop, Garçon D’or, and Jalbono (Visual artist) success in the future.


Written by Elijah Morgan @elijahhmorgan

Download/Stream/Share "El Mismo Sol" HERE



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