2 chainz 2-Left 209 36 Chambers 36 Trap Houses Hip Hop Oakland World Went Crazy

"I-880 Sideshow" (produced by Omar Ortiz) take's the viewer on a trip with MC's E-Molly and Westside Lem through the streets of the Town (Oakland Ca) where the figure 8's and burn rubber culture is abundant. The group World Went Crazy dropped the project "Highsiding" With 8 new songs, a few songs sourcing samples and paying tribute to throw back R&B cuts from the not so distant past. "I ain't slappin young shit I'm turning up to O'Jay's" spit by Westside Lem feels like the group's mission statement: new Hip Hop with a classic Soul foundation. World Went Crazy stays in our DNA "Friendly Fire" Show playlist (every Friday night 9-10 and they should be in yours too.
Follow the crew Instagram: @worldwentcrzy @westsidelem @mollybecoolin @yepthatslane. New Project “HIGHSIDING” by @worldwentcrzy production by @dp_beats @27_ortiz93 @robloblahkop @brandinblanco artwork by @ezdeadsgn mixed & mastered by @jdreamkings

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