Vocalist/Producer Tauwoo releases visual's for "GHOST", a selection from his latest full length album "PATTERNS". Tauwoo has been down with the Drums & Ammo family since day one, starting as front man of the now disbanded Eyes on the Shore (now going by Mojaui). ) I've been a staunch supporter of him and his artistic endeavors for years (plus he's the Dad of my Nephew). Tauwoo, being one of the reasons the Drums & Ammo platform was developed, is an inspiration and part of the DNA in DNA. Here's a few words on his latest offering "GHOST":
Following the release of Tauwoo’s last album (Dec. 8, 2020), Patterns, he returns with a single about loss of self. The pandemic has led many to examine their lives in a deeper reflection of lifestyles and careers; translating into a reluctance to return to the unsustainable nature of what was. GHOST is a nostalgic mirror, revealing the once-great visions for ourselves while young, then growing up and being thrown off course at some real-world juncture. The music video, directed by Anthony Kerrigan, follows a man ruminating over lost loves and passions, which take the form of his own ghost. He meanders around a house in a state of restless purgatory. Likened to a shadow, this form brings him clarity of where he slipped, and the weight of the regret which haunts him.
Follow Tauwoo: @TAUWOO
Listen to Patterns HERE

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