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TALK LIKE SEX is a monthly column on desire, lust, love, and non-traditional partnerships with host Walasia Shabazz. This is your disclaimer that adult content and themes are included each and every month - so young children and teens aren’t the audience for this fare. Adults 18+, please join us for this intimate conversation. Visit for the #TalkLikeSex column with additional, adult-themed photography & artwork.



 Considered a favorite MC among many of his rap and Hip Hop "peers" Hus Kingpin is often named by woman fans of the genre as one of the most attractive artists working in music today. His lyrics often mention hot topics like polyamory, public or exhibitionist sex, group lovemaking, and sexually-positive anecdotes about myriad women from all over the map. Hus often dedicates entire albums to women singers and recording artists including Sade, Bjork, Beth of Portishead as well as including sensual and adult themes in his LP titles (e.g. his THREESOME series, now entering it's fourth installment), album cover art and generally as part of the rich fabric of his rhymes. Taking in all of these factors, there's no question that Hus Kingpin is not only one of this era's most prolific rap artists he's also one of the most Sex-Positive recording artists of any genre in this day and age where Love is no longer considered "Free" and anything other than plain Vanilla sex is often hidden behind closed doors, swept under the rug or at the very least left out of the lyrics of our favorite songs.


DNA/Walasia: First of all thank you for your time today Hus, and for allowing me to delve more deeply into your work and the thoughts and real-life experiences behind your music. As a journalist who has written fairly extensively about your recordings, I've often noticed that your language toward women is much more descriptive, loving, and sensual than really any other rap I've heard. What possesses you when you write about sex, love and women?


HUS KINGPIN: Inspiration derives from 1990's Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and other 90's models. 90's fashion and film. The models of this 90's era will always be considered premier. It was the era of the natural woman. Carribean women, latin women, asian women, european women, were all apart of my movie growing up. They all have "dirty secrets", but I've always had great experiences with women in my world. All great women, all of my past ex-girlfriends are now married women today with families. 



DNA/Walasia: Not to objectify you or minimize your skill or musicianship, but you're often mentioned in conversations amongst women who are fans of Hip Hop as one of the only "pretty" and/or remarkably attractive male MCs of this time. Does your appearance, your charisma, the magnetism that you have with women affect your work vis a vis your "sex-positive" lyrics? Do you speak more lovingly about women in your songs because women love you so much?


HUS KINGPIN: I'm no Idris Elba or Prince in 88, but I got 99 problems and women ain't one.



DNA/Walasia: In your recent album, Paid in Full, on the song entitled "Get Money" you reference public sex acts, exhibitionism, and mention fucking in a motor vehicle "so you could see the Landscape of Love". You've also had many themes of threesomes, group sex, and similar lusty lyrical fare. There are many specific examples in your work not only within your rhymes but with your use of beautiful women on album covers and in video montages, as well as your homage albums and the "Threesome" series. What inspires you to write on these topics? Do you draw from true life experiences, a world of fantasy, films of pornography, a vivid imagination or a combination of these?


HUS KINGPIN: True life experiences. Affairs, secrets, threesomes, platonic women friends, interracial relationships. 


DNA/Walasia: Finally, what are some of the things about women that make so many of them a Muse for your work? Who, if our readers may peer into the future, may be the subjects of your albums upcoming? Which women are the most beautiful, sensual, stunning and lovely in the eyes of Hus Kingpin? And on behalf of our woman readers with inquiring minds that want to know, where are the places you have loved or where you would like to love in the future, or fantasies you've yet to fulfill?


HUS KINGPIN: The way I see it: there's always a woman in the world that's more beautiful than the most beautiful woman that you've ever seen, and then there's a woman more beautiful than her. In my next life, I'd like to be a non-pornagraphic Hugh Hefner that photographs beautiful woman across the world, showcasing them in magazines, bringing the 90's sports illustrated swimsuit edition, 90's calendar feel back. Right now, I'm into the new model girl Juliana Nalu, from Rio De Janeiro. Perfect muse.


I've fulfilled everything, I have no lustful desires left. Monogamy is optional. Unconditional love is a young man’s and a young woman’s game. My only desire is Brazilian sunsets. It's WAVO.


Heartfelt thanks to the illustrious Hus Kingpin, this has been the first installment of my monthly series, Talk Like Sex. Hus Kingpin’s music is available on all streaming platforms, online at as well as via Bandcamp at and his brand-new LP of the Threesome series, THREESOME IV, is available for purchase as well as on all streaming platforms for your aural pleasure. 

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