Seanh - MF DOOM + Sade | SADEVILLAIN I & II (Full Album)

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Me being a DJ/engineer can appreciate the art of placing/nudging/sliding acapella's in a way that compliments both beat/vocal elements. One of my first memories of superb acapella/remix mastery was Danger Mouse's The Grey Album, a mashup released in 2004. It mixes an acapella version of Jay-Z's The Black Album with samples from the Beatles' self-titled ninth album, commonly known as "The White Album". Of course this isn't anything rare, but just like everything else the cream rises to the top. SADVILLAIN, the brainchild of indie producer Seanh as a 2 part sequel, part 1 releasing March 1, 2016 and part 2 releasing June 11, 2017. The SADEVILLAIN project, tapping vocals from fellow luminaries MadlibMos Def and Ghostface Killah obviously hits different after the recent passing of the Metal Faced Doom. My barometer for dope acapella placement is when the new fusion temporarily makes me forget about the original recording. Seanh makes verses you may have heard a hundred times sound fresh with a new coat of paint. Stay tuned in, support the mission. Download SADEVILLIAN @

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