RCA "RELATIONSHIPS" Instrumental Album

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Producer RCA delivers the perfect soundtrack for the long drive through California's PCH or anywhere else with the scenic advantage. RCA made early waves with the SF label SWTBRDS creative collective as Art Director, now in the drivers seat on the production side he's able to flex more of his creative muscle. With collab EP on the way with another SWTBRDS alumni D-How the Money Maka, RCA warms up the listeners with his first solo offering "Relationships". Speaking to RCA he breaks down "Relationships" as a project that follows the ups and downs in the cohabitation space. For Hip Hop heads you'll get all the sample chops you need with the live musical element always present. Words from RCA: Influenced by the music of Kaytranada, Knxwledge, Tame Impala, and the state of California, RCA’s music taps into a nostalgic core (need a better word there) and pulls out a colorful syrup to thread hip hop instrumentals soaked in 80’s R&B, Vaporwave, 90’s hip hop, and The West Coast. Imagine an aesthetic mix of TLC, Alchemist, and Alexander O’Neal. Tune in and follow him at https://www.instagram.com/rca.fm/

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