Poo$ie "Act Accordingly" prod. Cam Cortez (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Bay Area Cortez New Orleans Oakland Poo$ie Ran Days

 Oakland MC by way of Downtown New Orleans (8th Ward to be exact)  Poo$ie and Cam Cortez come together again for their new tune "Act Accordingly". Track 4 of 5 on Poo$ie's newest release "Ran Days" EP, 
"Act Accordingly" is very heartfelt and the pen is on full display as he effortlessly glides over the Cam Cortez production. Shot and Edited by         @projectpoppaproductions The "Ran Days" EP is availabe HERE.  Check Poo$ie's blog www.negrowth.wordpress.com and
follow Poo$ie at @poosie_apex 
Cortez at @cmceaux #DNA

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