Gizzle McFly - "For Love" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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Whenever I post the DNA Video Premiers I like to trace back the origin of becoming aware of said artist being posted. I'm pretty sure I caught wind of Gizzle through the Almighty Instagram algorithm. I was soon to find out he was on a song ("Heavenly Happy Birthday" feat. Big Hongry, Gizzle McFly & Ian Kelly) from one of my favorite projects "Stargazer Gospel" by frequent DNA collaborator/Homie D.Bledsoe. Gizzle is in the Bay Area School of artists fusing the local flavor with technical skill of rapping plus embodying the fundamentals of traditional Hip Hop; doing it for the love first and allowing money as a byproduct of the love. There's a lot of Drums & Ammo/Richmond links in the history books so far and connecting with Gizzle extends that timeline even further. Get some info on the Loyalty Before Royalty CEO Gizzle McFly
Gizzle McFly - Richmond, Ca ..
heavy influence from Rick James, Brotha Lynch, E-40 to Max B.
Behind the Scenes: "For Love": “For Love” is a song from the EP titled “FAFO”. Entirely produced by @rreeves_13. We chose to drop this when the World started to come back out. It’s feel good mob music. Wanted to see OG’s on motorcycles & old schools with the windows down slappin. I’m a mob music baby, so it’s all for outside.
What's Next?: Currently curating the feel I want for the next project as i’ve just started to produce. I got a good group of super friends that are amazing producers & i’ve learned some things i want to incorporate to create my own sound. A music video series to start Fall. Just grinding & tryna be a part of something bigger than myself.
Production: @rreeves_13 did this entire project. @lexbub_lbr shoots the videos. that’s my brother/business partner. LBR FEEL’MZ powered as always by @LetsBubbleProductions.
Follow the folk:
Social Media: @gizzlemcfly_lbr . for music & all LBR Apparel. “FAFO” May 5th on all DSP’s

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