Fantastic Negrito: Searching For Captain Save a H*@ (Ft. E-40)

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Enlightening, life changing and pleasing…Two-time grammy award winning artist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee Fantastic Negrito takes you on a journey of emotional transparency and vulnerability with his Blues Billboard #1 chart topping album, Have You Lost Your Mind Yet? A crisp and intense track from the album which resonates self-awareness is Searching For Captain Save A H*@. This track features the unparalleled bars of Bay Area icon E-40 alongside local Oakland favorite, Fantastic Negrito, in what can only be described as two Oakland legends and vocal power houses creating history in an exploration of self that forces the listener to explore the concept of being emotionally vulnerable and the corresponding associations, labels, and mentalities humans often attach to that vulnerability.
Find the album here:
. Credits: - Directed by @Sauce Films -
Produced by Xavier Dphrepaulezz, @Sauce Films and Cameron Carr - Edited by @Sauce Films & Tomas Salcedo Find the album here:

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