Bryce Savoy - NO LOOSE ENDS (Official Video)

Bryce Savoy TBN The Black Neighborhood


Directed by N.O. & Shot/Edited by: Shooter7Seven & Mooney Media, "NO LOOSE ENDS'' depicts a day in the life of Bryce Savoy. From the time he spends in Oakland (his roots), to his current life in Los Angeles, the visual showcases how his relationships in both cities will forever be intertwined.

 DNA: As an artist that has roots in Oakland but resides in Los Angeles, what's the difference in the way you push your art in the different regions and what's the advantages of having 2 areas to build from? 
Bryce Savoy: I think the main difference is overall reach. Specifically, on a psychological level I understand the types of sound/music that will be generally appreciated in Oakland versus Los Angeles. That said, I think I do a great job of maintaining my identity as an artist who is from Oakland, but who also is on a mission to make music that can exist and thrive worldwide. Living in LA but travelling to Oakland frequently, honestly provides the best of both worlds: I get to grow as an artist and man in LA, while also having strong connections to my hometown.
DNA: Break down TBN and what it means to your respective communities.  
Bryce Savoy: Simply put, The Black Neighborhood is a community organization whose mission is to provide safe spaces for its people worldwide. Our belief is that there isn't a place on this Earth that doesn't have a Black neighborhood. Our goal is to ensure each one is as harmonious and self-sufficient as possible. 
DNA: As your profile grows larger, who/what do you use as your North Star to keep you on track and on your mission?
Bryce Savoy: As my profile grows larger, I use God and my ancestors to keep me on track. I truly believe that I'm only a vessel, whose purpose is to empower and uplift the diamonds in the rough worldwide. #DNA
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