This group consist of two young men taking the seeds of music and growing LIFE. The Jealous Guys, a duo made up of members of Casa and Ayinde are both natives of San Francisco, CA.

Biz y Casa and Ayinde met one another while attending preschool at the early age of three. Growing up in hostile and urban environments that included the prevalence of poverty, drugs, sports, the art of graffiti, and the craft of skateboarding as well as the temptation of dro and liquor. Which led them both to resort to raw lyrics and an untouched sound. The Jealous Guys are attempting to express their unique life experiences today through their music.

"The Jealous Guys" represent the unique style that defines these two talented urban artist, and the ability to change and adapt forcing people to respect and understand the true meaing jealously. Knowingly, few would not admit that jealously is a key factor in life. Their sound is anything but predictable and most certainly versatile.  With press placement in The Fader, SF Weekly, Oakland Examiner, XXL Magazine, MTV UK, etc., The Jealous Guys are set to increase their fanbase tenfold this year with their latest release "Continuation School".